What is consignment?

Vehicle consignment involves using a middleman (us) between the seller and potential buyer. In exchange for a small fee, the entire sale is handled by Carget on the seller’s behalf. Everything from photos and advertising, to negotiations and paperwork is handled by experienced automotive professionals at our dealership. As a result, selling your car becomes much faster, simpler, and safer. And, this is FREE! We turn your vehicles into cash for no cost to you at all!

Easy & Hassle-Free Process

1- Inspection & Research

We’ll thoroughly inspect your car so we can determine the market value. Our research will help us handle negotiations, ultimately fetching more money for your vehicle.

2- Listing for Sale

We’ll get the car professionally detailed, photographed, and ready to be listed. We’ll get you top exposure across the most important marketplaces.

3- Sale & Delivery

Once sold, we’ll facilitate the entire process, including payment and ownership transfer. And if necessary, we can also arrange delivery!

Why consign with Carget?


We have built a platform designed specifically for people looking to sell their vehicle without any hassles or surprises.

Industry Knowledge

Our team of industry experts know how to position your vehicle in today’s dynamic & competitive market, ensuring it sells for top dollar.

Marketing That Works

We partner with the best marketplaces, directories, and advertising partners to maximize your vehicle's exposure.

Global Reach

Our listings are visible and promoted worldwide, and we have multiple shipping companies available to assist with import and export regulations.

Payment Options

We provide competitive leasing and financing options on all the vehicles we sell, including consignments. This makes your vehicle affordable to a much wider range of customers.

Save on Taxes

After selling your vehicle on consignment, if you decide to purchase another vehicle from Carget, we can treat the sale like a trade-in. This means you benefit from tax savings on the trade-in value!

Local Support

If you're located near us in Saskatoon, we can make the process even easier! We can visit you to do the evaluation and all the prep work.

Sell your car faster

We can sell your car quickly and easily, no matter where you are or what you drive.


We're Saskatoon's largest luxury car dealership. Because of our dedication to providing top-notch customer service, expertise in the industry, and availability of financing and leasing options, we can sell your car more quickly, and for more money.


We proudly serve customers from all over Canada with countrywide shipping. No matter where you are or what you're looking for, we're here to help!

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    Looking for another option? We also buy and trade!

    Sell Us Your Car: If you're looking for an even faster and easier way to sell your car, we can buy your car outright. It's quick and easy, and we'll always pay the fair market rate for your car.

    Trade-In Your Car: If you're upgrading or purchasing another car, consider trading in your vehicle. If you purchase a car from us with a trade-in, you save the tax on the value of the vehicle that's being traded in!